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Starting the oversight body meetings with SRs & PR

Official series of meetings of CCM Oversight Body Committee (OB), started in 15 August 2016 and were held in the Department of Health and Treatment of State Prisons and security and corrective measures organization. 

The sessions continued in the MEHSHAD Department on 16 August 2016 and later in the Department of Prevention Development, AIDS Control Department and Malaria Control Department of Communicable Diseases Management Center on 23 August 2016. 

In the series of sessions held, managers at national level introduced relevant programs and project focal points with due consideration of relevant indicators; management; equipment; finance, etc. provided according to the checklists were discussed. 

After that, a meeting was held in UNDP conference room. In this meeting besides OB members, CCM secretariat, Project Managers, Operation and project staff, Ms. Carlsen, Deputy Resident Representative was attended.

Collective report of all these meetings will provide and submit to the CCM chair and members.

Postage Date:  14/08/2016 Writer:  CCM Secretariat