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CCM Oversight

While the CCM is ultimately responsible for the success or failure of procuring funds and ensuring their proper implementation, the Global Fund recognizes that all entities (CCM, PR, SRs, LFA, and Secretariat) work towards the same programmatic goals in order to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS, TB, and malaria. CCMs have the unique responsibility to orchestrate the overall country management of Global Fund grants. This necessitates having a clear oversight plan in place.

The core principle of oversight is to ensure that resources —financial and human— are being used efficiently and effectively for the benefit of the country. 

Providing oversight is a core responsibility of the CCM and each member should be able to commit sufficient time to understand grant performance in order to make responsible recommendations. However, the Global Fund also realizes that CCM members often have busy schedules since they have many other responsibilities. This fact underscores the importance of having well-planned CCM meetings and clear oversight processes that make the best use of time spent on CCM oversight functions. 

Global Fund requires the CCMs to establish a permanent oversight body with adequate set of skills and expertise to ensure periodic oversight. To this end, The CCM Iran aims to establish an oversight committee, referred to as Oversight Body (OB), to conduct oversight activities of the CCM.  The OB therefore (a) will develop oversight plan in a consultative and participatory manner seeking feedback from CCM members and non-members, (b) ensure implementation of the oversight plan, and (c) ensure periodic reporting to CCM.


Dr. Shahaboddin AzematiMembershazema@gmail.com
Ms. Tahereh Zandi Ali AbadiVice-Chair of Oversight Body Committeetzandi2000@gmail.com
Ms. Nasrin GoudarziMembernasrin_goodarzi@yahoo.com
Dr. Minoo MohrazChair of Oversight Body Committeeminoomohraz@ams.ac.ir
Dr. Fardad DoroudiMemberdoroudif@unaids.org
Dr. Mohamad Mehdi GouyaMembermgouya57@gmail.com

1 03 - July - 2016
2 21 - June - 2015